The Senate has voted 49-to-44 to confirm Rep. John Ratcliffe as the next Director of National Intelligence. He received more votes in opposition than any DNI in the 15-year history of the office. This is great news for the American people. The Swamp doesn’t like Ratcliffe one bit.

Remember when Ratcliffe demolished Mueller? This one is worth another look:

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Rep. Ratcliffe is as sharp as a tack and willing to call out anyone in D.C. for corruption. This will be a great pick for President Trump who wants to drain the D.C. swamp of all of its corruption.

The acting Director of the DNI Richard Grenell has been doing such a great job that maybe the Senate sped up Ratcliffe’s confirmation. Ironic. Acting director Grenell tweeted out congratulations to Rep. Ratcliffe moments ago:

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Ratcliffe has been speaking out about the Russia hoax since the beginning. He’s well-liked by his fellow Republicans.

Jason Chaffetz and Tim Scott just congratulated Rep. Ratcliffe:


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