It seems like a lifetime since RINO Fred Upton was first elected to serve the people of his conservative-leaning district in Michigan. But for his constituents, who trusted him for 19 terms to work on their behalf, US Rep. Fred Upton, who has crossed the aisle and joined the radical Left on more than one critical vote, including the unfounded impeachment of President Trump, the announcement of his retirement this morning was music to their ears.

For the most part, the 68-year-old Upton has faced little or no opposition in his career as a lifetime politician, but this time around, things are different—this time around—the Republican Party kingmaker President Donald J. Trump is taking an active role in Michigan and has endorsed 6-term US Rep. Bill Huizenga in the newly drawn district.

Michigan is a battleground state that Trump won in 2016, and across the state of Michigan, many residents still believe Michigan is a state Trump won again in 2020. Many blame massive voter fraud, including Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s interference in Michigan’s election. Michigan residents are furious that Zuckerberg was allowed to fund a get-out-the-vote effort in their state that includes drop boxes for absentee ballots placed strategically in Democrat stronghold areas. The FEC ignored his censorship of a pro-Trump message on Facebook.

Upton is the 4th RINO that voted to impeach Trump, who announced their retirement. Here’s a look at the status of other Republicans that joined Upton in their vote to impeach Trump after January 6th.

The impeach-Trump RINO Rep. Peter Meijer, who President Trump blasted at his rally in Washington Twp. Mi on Saturday will face a formidable opponent in the August primary, Trump and Dr. Carson endorsed candidate John Gibbs. Here’s a short speech by Gibbs at the rally where he called Trump a “model” of courage:

Gibbs was a missionary in Japan for 12 years, he is also a Stanford and Harvard grad, and he makes no secret of his commitment to promoting an America first and a Michigan first agenda. Gibbs is currently polling ahead of Meijer in Michigan.

President Trump promised that if he was elected in 2016, he’d drain the Swamp in DC. Rep. Upton’s retirement is a potent reminder for the dirty Democrats and RINOs in DC that although he may not be living in the Swamp, he still has the power to drain it from his home in Mar-a-Lago, FL.

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