Tuesday, Taiwan’s military fired warning shots at a Chinese drone near the Chinese coast, which buzzed past a Taiwanese-controlled cove, a military spokesperson said.
It was the first time this type of skirmish took place with warning shots fired.
Afterward, the drone turned, heading back to mainland China the spokesperson said. It was the first time warning shots had been fired in such an incident.

Robby Starbuck’s tweet “Don’t have a good feeling about this.” resonates with many concerned Americans who do not want to be involved in another war.



Meanwhile, Joe Biden was busy asking congress to use taxpayer dollars to fund another war after supplying 3 billion in aid to Ukraine. At the same time, the US economy struggles with record high inflation and gas and food shortages.


According to Politico, the $1.1 Billion in aid includes 60 anti-ship missiles and 100 air-to-air missiles, according to three sources with direct knowledge of the package.
China continues to send warships and aircraft into the Taiwan Strait daily after Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited the self-governing island, condemning China’s “attempts to isolate and intimidate Taiwan.” China began military drills around Taiwan that involved shooting missiles over the island for the first time after Pelosi interfered in the China/Taiwanese conflict.
Marsha Blackburn agreed with Biden, saying the U.S. needed to get involved in another conflict to help Taiwan protect itself from China. Blackburn hyped up the friction using fear-mongering terms like “global domination” to describe China’s intentions. However, the Chinese have considered Taiwan one of their territories.


Blackburn called on Biden to take the conflict seriously as Russia and China conducted joint military drills. Saying the U.S. must “respond to the New Axis of Evil with strength and resolve.”

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