In a recent media conference, Republican Senators spoke out about the restrictions on media coverage at the Southern border, as well as the tragedies that are occurring as a result of Biden’s policy decisions that have essentially opened our borders.

Ted Cruz opened the conference by announcing that tomorrow night, 18 senators (including himself) will travel to the border to “see firsthand the crisis that is unfolding”. Cruz got straight to the point, saying that this is indeed a crisis that was caused by the Biden Administration and its policies.

Cruz then begins to talk about the media blackout that Biden has ordered on the situation at the border. “For four years we heard Democrats going on and on about kids in cages, well Joe Biden desperately does not want you to see the ‘Biden cages'”, said Senator Cruz. Never before has media been banned from the border, and now in a desperate attempt to shield these disastrous events, Biden is trying to keep all images and details about the current border crisis hidden from the American public.

Addressing the press at the conference, Cruz said, “I ask all of you to think for a moment how you would react, how your network would react if the Trump administration said ‘no press at the border’? You would have lost your mind”.

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When asked about the humanitarian implications of sending people away from the border, Cruz answered saying that Biden’s plan “is NOT compassionate, it is NOT humane”. Due to the ‘family loophole’ that acts as an incentive for people to bring children across the border, there has been an extreme increase in human traffickers taking kidnapped children with them to gain access into the US only to sell the children upon entrance. The policies laid out by Biden’s administration further incentivizing cartels to kidnap children and hand them over to human smugglers. Cruz said that he has been down to the border many times and has seen children being both physically and sexually assaulted.

In addition to the extreme danger facing children right now, there is also a significant threat to the American population. Cruz made sure to stress that “they’re releasing people who are criminal threats, they have criminal histories”. There seem to be no restrictions placed on who can enter our country right now, and each day it gets more and more out of hand.

While Cruz acknowledges that it is hard to know how to properly and humanely handle the situation, he makes sure to state that “what we know for sure what NOT to do is what the Biden administration is doing now. It is an absolute crisis and disaster”.

Watch the full media conference here.

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