Update: authorities are saying the car ramming into pedestrians today was not a terror attack. This incident still brings up the question of what should be outlawed. Cars, guns, knives, frying pans, bats…

Here we go again…another car attack in London is called an “incident”. They’re so used to attacks like this that it’s becoming an every week thing. Watch the video below and see how people just casually walk by…Remember that the London mayor said the people of London just need to get used to terrorism as a part of every day life. Ho Hum…

The moment a man is arrested in London after plowing his car into pedestrians:


Should we ban all cars? They seem to be the weapon of choice for these terrorists…

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Reuters reported:

London police said on Saturday a number of pedestrians had been injured near the city’s Natural History Museum and that a man had been detained at the scene.

British media reported a car had mounted the sidewalk outside the tourist attraction.

Police described the incident in the South Kensington area of west London as a collision and said the motive for the incident was under investigation.


In March, a man drove a car into pedestrians on London’s Westminster Bridge killing four before stabbing a police officer to death in the grounds of parliament.

Three Islamist militants drove into people on London Bridge in June before stabbing people at nearby restaurants and bars, killing eight. The same month, a van was driven into worshippers near a mosque in north London which left one man dead.


The Natural History Museum is the fourth most popular tourist attraction in the United Kingdom, with 4.6 million visits during 2016, according to the Association of Leading Visitor Attractions.

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