Many Michiganders believe that Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer has taken her lockdown measures too far. #OperationGridlock organizer Meshawn Maddock is no longer willing to sit back and wait for Whitmer’s next move. Ms. Maddock believes that Whitmer is employing iron-fisted tactics against the citizens of Michigan to attract attention from the media and from her political party, as she vies Democrat presidential candidate, Joe Biden’s VP spot. Maddock claims that Whitmer doesn’t care about who she’s hurting in the state, that her actions are likely nothing more than a political ploy to draw attention to herself.

Michigan Conservative Coalition’s Meshawn Maddock

Last week, after picking a fight with President Trump, Governor Whitmer announced that she was adding an additional three weeks to the already devastating shut down of Michigan businesses, as a way to manage the spread of the coronavirus. The Democrat governor also announced a massive list of items she deemed “non-essential.” Whitmer warned Michigan residents they are no longer allowed to purchase items like arts and crafts, baby car seats, American flags, garden seeds, or home improvement items from local stores.

According to the radical governor, citizens of Michigan are not allowed to golf on public or private courses, they’re not allowed to visit relatives or neighbors or even to travel to their own private vacation homes in the state. If you live in another state and own a vacation home in northern Michigan, however, you are free to travel to and from your vacation home—only Michigan residents will be given fines and threatened with jail time if they dare to travel to their private vacation properties.

Landscapers, and plant wholesalers who operate strictly outdoors, are no longer able to conduct business in one of their busiest times of the year. Construction has come to a screeching halt in Michigan, and real estate agents are forced to sit on their hands, while homeowners are unable to show their homes to prospective buyers.

If you’d like an abortion, a fifth of whiskey or a bag of weed in Michigan, however, you’re in luck. Thanks to Governor Whitmer, not all services and products are off-limits to Michigan residents, only the ones she deems “non-essential.”

Many Michigan business owners were already concerned about their ability to reopen after the first round of forced quarantine in Michigan was lifted. This new executive order by Michigan’s radical governor has really shaken the confidence of business owners about their ability to recover.

Whether it’s the business owners who are suffering or the individuals who have had enough of empty grocery store shelves, health care that’s unavailable, or being able to walk across the street to visit a neighbor if they choose, Meshawn Maddock’s Michigan Conservative Coalition group is getting an overwhelming response to their vehicle protest against Whitmer’s draconian actions in Michigan’s State Capitol on Wednesday, April 15th at “high noon.”

Ms. Maddock told us that hundreds of cement trucks driven by truck drivers who are no longer able to work, and over 40 trucks pulling boats behind them (another industry being crushed by the lockdown), will take part in a plan to create gridlock on the streets surrounding the State’s Capitol. Meshawn Maddock expects around 15,000 vehicles will participate in their vehicle protest or “civil act of disobedience.”

Here are a few of the guidelines posted for participants in the Michigan Conservative Coalition’s #OperationGridlock vehicle protest:

Joe Biden’s wannabe vice president has taken her political ambitions too far.

Why Operation Gridlock?

Is this just a stunt to block the streets of the Capitol area?

NO,  It’s GRIDLOCK, because that is what our Governor has done to the Michigan economy!

Worse than Gridlock is what she has done to our God-given inalienable rights as written in the State Constitution.

If you are attending Operation Gridlock tomorrow in Lansing starting at noon:

Please be aware that most/all bathroom facilities in the downtown area will be closed. It is our understanding the highway rest stops are open.  Consider using those before you drive into the Capitol area.
Fill your tank of gas before you head out

  • Don’t get out. (others may be on the Capitol lawn, but that is not our group) stay in your vehicle.  At the Vehicle Rally
  • Bring food and don’t drink lots of liquids, there may not be restrooms.
  • It is possible that not everyone will get to downtown Lansing.  Do not be discouraged as even being near will help send the message!
  • If you get stuck in a traffic jam on the highway or on surface streets heading into Lansing, DON’T TURN AROUND. You’re part of the gridlock!  
  • Post personal story videos on our Facebook page about how bad this lockdown is hurting you, your family and your job/business
  • Use hashtag #Operation Gridlock for all social media
  • Stay in your car
  • Be loud, honk that horn, bring a bull horn if you have one
  • Lights on (and use four-way flashers when needed)
  • Make signs or use washable paint on your vehicle to deliver a message. Be Respectful
  • Wave flags
  • If you have a CB radio, use channel 15
  • Decorate your car–even on top as we expect news choppers and we have contracted with drones that may film the top of your vehicle.
  • Keep your vehicle moving, exit the loop to let others in.
  • Don’t block any first responders
  • STAY IN YOUR VEHICLE.  (social distancing)

ABOVE ALL BE RESPECTFUL.  Of police, emergency vehicles, EACH OTHER!

Don’t let outsiders ruin yours and our good names.  Don’t engage in trouble. #walkaway


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