The U.S. Senate has voted to acquit President Donald J. Trump of the impeachment charge of “inciting an insurrection.”

The Senate has voted to acquit President Trump after the second impeachment trial of Donald Trump concluded Saturday. The vote came after a five-day trial where arguments centered around whether Trump incited the attack on the Capitol on Jan. 6, and whether it is constitutional to hear the impeachment trial of a former president who is now a private citizen.

In the end, 57 senators voted to convict Trump — all 48 Democrats, two independents and only seven Republicans in the Senate. The GOP senators who voted alongside the Democrat senators were Sens. Susan Collins, Mitt Romney, Lisa Murkowski, Ben Sasse, Pat Toomey, Bill Cassidy and Richard Burr.

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The acquittal means that as of now Trump can leave the door open to another White House bid in 2024, though senators have hinted they may still try to bar him from office in a separate 14th Amendment measure.

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Trump’s second impeachment trial spanned just five days of arguments, making it the shortest in presidential history. The previous record was held by Trump in 2020 when his trial related to inviting foreign interference into the election spanned 21 days.

House impeachment managers accused Trump of inciting the insurrection by spreading a “big lie” the election was stolen from him, summoning his supporters to Washington on Jan. 6, telling them to “fight like hell” and then allegedly refusing to call off the attack once the mob violently took over the Capitol. We now know that just wasn’t the case.


Trump legal’s team denounced the proceedings as an unconstitutional “sham impeachment” against a private citizen, driven by Democrats’ “hatred” for Trump and desire to silence a political opponent. 

Trump lawyers also argued the former president’s political speech is protected by the First Amendment and his words on Jan. 6 to his supporters to “fight like hell” were not meant literally. To drive home that point during the trial, Trump’s defense played an 11-minute video of nearly every Democrat in the chamber using the words “fight” in their past speeches and interviews.

The vote capped a wild Saturday in Washington with numerous plot twists, as previously reported by 100% FED Up.

House Impeachment Managers FOLD, deciding not to call witnesses after President Trump’s legal team announces they will call in Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

House impeachment managers, President Trump‘s legal team and top senators “struck a deal” on Saturday to avoid witness depositions in his WITCH HUNT impeachment trial avoiding a potentially weeks-long drama sparked by an 11th-hour request by Democrats to depose a Republican congresswoman. Despite winning a key vote, Democrats backed down and decided not to call in witness.

The deal allowed for a statement by GOP Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler to be read into the record without the congresswoman or anyone else being deposed as a formal witness.

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