The Democrats did everything they could to steal the election and discredit President-elect Trump.  Their last attempt to convince electors to defect from Trump turned out to be as laughable as the recount that exposed voter fraud in heavily Democratic Detroit, MI and a net gain of votes for Trump in WI. And on the day electors cast their votes in America, more Democrats defected than Republicans. 

The 2016 presidential election continues to defy expectations as “faithless electors” emerged among Democrats refusing to support Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

In the table below, we’ll show any states that split their electoral vote. If everyone votes as pledged, there will just be a row for Maine, showing 3 for Clinton, 1 for Trump. However, if there are any faithless electors, those will show up in the O (Other) column. On the map above, you’ll see a small square in the state reflecting any such splits.


In the run-up to the vote of the Electoral College, all eyes had been on whether any Republican electors would refuse to vote for Donald Trump. There had reports of last-ditch lobbying asking electors to switch from Trump to Clinton.

Instead, it has been Democratic electors who were balking.

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Only eight of 12 Democratic electors in Washington cast their votes for Democrat Hillary Clinton, who won the state in November. In an act of symbolic protest, three Democratic electors voted for Colin Powell and one for Faith Spotted Eagle, who has been fighting the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota, instead of Clinton.

There were also reports that two electors, one in Maine and another Minnesota, tried but failed in their efforts not to vote for Clinton.

In Minnesota, elector Muhammad Abdurrahman didn’t vote for Clinton and was replaced by an alternate who did. According to the Los Angeles Times, Abdurrahman was a delegate for Bernie Sanders at the Democratic National Convention.

In Maine, elector David Bright tried to vote for Sanders but was rebuffed and ended up voting for Clinton, according to the Associated Press. –Marketwatch

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