ABC News White House Correspondent Jonathan Karl got taken to the woodshed today during President Trump’s coronavirus press briefing.

Karl asked President Trump about a new report by Principal Deputy Inspector General Christi Grimm, that claims there are severe shortages of COVID-19 testing supplies and extended waits for results.

The Gateway Pundit reports – There have currently been 1,917,095 coronavirus tests given in 50 states — FAR GREATER than ANY other country.

Trump pushed back at the presser to find out that this IG was just appointed in January – then he pushed for more info and her name is Christi Grimm and she was a big part of HHS under Obama and heavily involved with Obamacare.

Christi Grimm is apparently spearheading the new “get Trump” effort to “investigate” him over the coronavirus response.

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This is unbelievable.  Also, she sat on this report from the end of March until TODAY and released it to the media as if it was a new report. Furthermore, it was a PHONE SURVEY OF 323 HOSPITALS IN 46 STATES.

When Karl asks about Grimm’s negative report, President Trump immediately asks when she was appointed? Trump reminded him that even though Karl objected to him calling her report an “opinion,” that the administration is doing “an incredible job” addressing the coronavirus enemy.

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Watch Part I of the heated exchange here:

Again, Karl tried to slip the question in, this time admitting that the HHS IG was appointed during the Obama regime. President  Trump wasted no time calling him out. “You’re a third-rate reporter” and “You will never make it!” Trump told him as he moved on to another question.


Of course, the media vultures are circling the wagons, hoping to change the opinions of millions of weary Americans, tired of the lying media,  who watched the exchange, as they cheered for President Trump. As we write this story their tweeting that reporters need to start walking out of Trump’s press briefings, or that Jonathon Karl is somehow a hero, because he attempted to paint a negative picture of the coronavirus task force’s handling of this health crisis.

Sorry mainstream media, you’re days are numbered and Trump is winning the war against coronavirus and against the fake news media.

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