Speculation has continued to swirl about what FOX News’ top-rated host will do after he was suddenly let go from the network last week.

Little has been said by Carlson about what he will do next or the circumstances surrounding his termination after reports that he is mulling a lawsuit against FOX News for breach of contract.

Already, one prominent media mogul has offered him an impressive deal.

On Tuesday, Patrick Bet-David of Valuetainment offered Carlson $100 million for 5 years with the network as well as an equity stake and a seat on the company’s board.

The offer falls short of Tucker’s $35 million annual compensation package at FOX News, but is the most significant offer he has been given publicly to date.

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Rupert Murdoch has not given further details about Carlson’s exit from FOX, though many people have speculated that it had to do with FOX News’ settlement with Dominion that totaled hundreds of millions of dollars and pressure campaigns by groups such as Media Matters.

There is also a pending lawsuit against Carlson by assistant Abby Grossberg related to comments Carlson allegedly made over text.  Carlson disputes the veracity of the allegations, while many people have pointed out that Grossberg has never met Carlson in person due to remote work.

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Via Valuetainment

You heard it here first, Patrick Bet-David has made an offer to the biggest name in mainstream news – Tucker Carlson!

The entrepreneur, podcast host, and CEO of Valuetainment is focused on bringing credible news stories, journalists, storytellers, and educators to his multi-dimensional, multi-media network on YouTube and streaming podcast platforms across the internet.

Valuetainment presents a new realm of journalistic possibilities, with an audience eager to find the truth behind current events. The media company’s YouTube page has over 4 million subscribers and its Instagram, TikTok and Twitter followers altogether garner a total of over 10 million followers.

After 14 years with Fox News, Tucker Carlson was fired from the station, even though he remained the network’s most popular prime-time anchor. There seems to be no one in the history of television that has left a network as the top dog with no valid reason explained.

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