Several videos are circulating around on Twitter, showing BLM protesters taunting and threatening Trump supporters as they leave the Trump rally tonight in Tulsa, OK.

Here is one of the videos shared by independent journalist Drew Hernandez.

Tulsa Police are working hard to clear the large crowd of BLM protesters from the streets, as Trump supporters make their way to their vehicles.

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Independent journalist Drew Hernandez captured Tulsa Police firing non-lethal weapons at BLM protesters who refuse to move back from the area they’re trying to clear.

Moments later, Jack Posebiec showed a video showing Trump supporters putting themselves between police officers and BLM protesters.

Ten minutes later, Tulsa Police are seen retreating from the protesters.

We’ll keep you updated on the Tulsa Police and BLM protester situation as more information becomes available.

Jack Posobiec also shared a video of BLM protesters blocking National Guard members from leaving the Trump rally.

Here’s another view of BLM protesters blocking a bus filled with National Guard members from leaving.

We will provide updates on the National Guard situation as more information becomes available.

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