A San Diego judge ruled on Wednesday that strip clubs and restaurants in the area can stay open saying “the injunction can apply across San Diego’s restaurant sector that has been crushed by the COVID-19 pandemic.”  This is in opposition to California Governor Gavin Newsom’s lockdown orders.

San Diego Superior Court Judge Joel Wohlfeil quickly issued a 9-page preliminary injunction order in favor of two strip clubs and all local restaurants. He found San Diego strip clubs Cheetahs and Pacers can provide live adult entertainment during the pandemic, and San Diego County businesses with restaurant services should be able to operate “subject to protocols no greater than is essential.”

According to Courthouse News, the judge blocked San Diego and California authorities “from enforcing the provisions of the cease and desist order, or any related orders including the State’s Regional Stay Home Order, that prevent 1) plaintiffs from providing live adult entertainment; and 2) San Diego County businesses with restaurant service, such as plaintiffs’ establishments, from continuing to operate their respective businesses, subject to protocols that are no greater than is essential to further defendants’ response to control the spread of COVID.”

The two strip clubs sued after receiving cease and desist orders in October. The judge found that the “plaintiffs have been devoid of covid, have done nothing to contribute to the spread of covid,” indicating that the judge knows there is no evidence that these establishments are “superspreaders.”

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Basically, a judge ruled a San Diego strip club can stay open because the state has not provided any evidence of any connection between ICU capacity and a strip club being open.

The entire nation should defy the effort to close small businesses. I Walmart can be open, restaurants should be open.

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