Minnesota’s radical Attorney General Keith Ellison (D) tried to pull a fast one on the Trump campaign when he warned that the state would not allow a crowd larger than 250 to attend Trump’s scheduled rally at the Rochester Airport in Rochester, MN this afternoon.

President Trump ignored the Democrat plot to shut down his rally and instead held a “peaceful protest” with a massive crowd of supporters.

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On the other side of the state, in the Democrat stronghold city of St. Paul, MN, Joe Biden was holding a small rally at the same time. Trump supporters, who’ve been trolling Joe Biden’s rallies for weeks, surrounded Joe Biden’s tiny rally and delivered a big message to the crooked Democrat. They held flags and signs and chanted, “Trump, Trump, Trump!!”

One of the ladies who organized the Trump supporters rally in St. Paul tweeted a video from a busy street corner in St. Paul, “I don’t think Joe Biden was expecting to have so many Trump supporters, they’rein all different locations, they’re inside, the Biden rally—they’re all around,” she said. “This is my group!” she proudly exclaims, adding that they’re all “having fun” and calling the trolling of the Biden campaign “Hilarious!”

Here’s another shot of a group of Trump supporters showing Joe Biden, who they want as their next President of the United States.

And yet another video of Trump supporters standing on the side of the podium where Crooked Joe is speaking to his small crowd of supporters. In addition to bells, horns and other noisemakers, chants of “Sleepy Joe” can be heard.

Apparently, the Trump supporters got to Old Joe, as he stopped in the middle of his speech to call the Trump supporters “ugly!”

“This isn’t a political statement like those ugly flokes [folks] over there—beeping the horns!” an obviously rattled4 Joe Biden yelled from the podium where he addressed his small crowd of supporters.

This video shows another large group of Trump supporters outside of Joe Biden’s weak rally.

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