The Biden Regime’s reckless border policy has led to an unprecedented wave of immigration.  More than 1.7 million illegal immigrants were detained in Fiscal Year 2021, according to the CBP.  In November, the CBP revealed that arrests at the border for the month of November hit an all-time high, with 173,620 arrests made.  That is the highest for the month of November since immigration arrests have been recorded.  Now, it has been revealed that Biden has been receiving help with facilitating mass migration to the United States.  The Epoch Times Reports

A Honduran migrant woman’s United Nations-issued cash card, which provides 2,500 pesos a month for four people, in Tapachula, Mexico, on Jan. 17, 2022. (Todd Bensman/Center for Immigration Studies)

American taxpayers are increasingly funding the passage of a constant flow of migrants who ultimately cross illegally into the United States, according to new reports.

A United Nations “cash-based interventions” program provides migrants heading to the U.S. border with debit cards, help with housing, transport, and medical assistance. The assistance is accessible in cities on the well-traveled routes from Latin America through Mexico.

Thousands of migrants converge in southern Mexico where they apply for asylum—which gives them unfettered travel in Mexico—then most head directly to the U.S. border, where they cross illegally and claim asylum again.

Migrants there are issued debit cards that reload each month, according to Todd Bensman, who is reporting from the city of Tapachula at Mexico’s southern border with Guatemala. Bensman is the senior national security fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies.

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In Tapachula on Jan. 14, a Haitian man was waiting for his 3,600 pesos owed (about $180), Bensman said. A Honduran woman said her cash card provided 2,500 pesos a month for four people.

In the northern Mexico border city of Reynosa, families were receiving the equivalent of $400 every 15 days, he said.

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“The United Nations began ramping up CBI [cash-based interventions] in 2019, spending $60 million on 29,000 migrants in Latin America, and then doubling the outlays in 2020, with plans to vastly increase its use in the Americas during 2022 and beyond,” Bensman said.

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