The United States has stopped all U.S.-bound flights of Afghan evacuees from two main bases overseas.

The cause is a vague concern about “health safety.” American officials gave no immediate explanation of the health concerns at the U.S. bases in Germany and Qatar.

Recently, at least one Afghan refugee that arrived at Fort McCoy in Wisconsin has been confirmed measles positive, according to a ABC News 19 report.

While Biden reprimands Americans who aren’t COVID vaccinated, just last month, U.S. officials announced they were suspending the requirement of a COVID test for Afghan evacuees leaving Afghanistan.

According to, thousands of Afghan evacuees remain in third-country transit sites before being moved to the United States or other countries.

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Afghan refugees at Ramstein:

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The halting of the flights is a problem for the U.S. because of the 10-day limit Germany set in allowing the U.S. to use the country as a transit site. The 10,000 evacuees at Ramstein are reportedly “fatigued” after staying there for more than 10 days.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection decided on the recommendation of the CDC to halt flights from U.S. bases in Germany and Qatar.

This morning, Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby didn’t have a firm number of Americans still trapped in Afghanistan. He said it was about 100.

Oddly, Kirby gave the same number the U.S. had given before the latest evacuation flights took out Americans.

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