You can never say that Democrat Mayor Andrew Gillum and the Democrat Party didn’t give it everything they had. On election night, when it was clear that Republican Congressman Ron DeSantis had won the Governor’s race, the embattled Mayor, who is currently under FBI investigation for free trips and gift from lobbyists, conceded the race to his opponent Ron DeSantis.

The next day, after Democrat Senate candidate Bill Nelson refused to concede the race to his Republican opponent, Governor Rick Scott, Andrew Gillum, shockingly withdrew his concessions to DeSantis, saying he wanted a recount. Republican Senator Marco Rubio, who was closely following the antics of Broward and Palm Beach County elections supervisors, quickly sounded the alarms on Twitter, warning that the Democrat lawyers were attempting to steal the vote from Republicans.

Ten days after the election, after massive amounts of taxpayer dollars have been used to recount the votes in Florida, Andrew Gillum is conceding (again) to Republican Governor-elect Ron DeSantis.

Reuters – Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum conceded Florida’s governor’s race on Saturday as a recount of ballots neared its end, and the Democrat congratulated Republican former Congressman Ron DeSantis on becoming the state’s next governor.

“This has been the journey of our lives. We’ve been so honored by the support that we’ve received,” Gillum said in a video statement. “We know that this fight continues, in spite of the outcome of this election.”




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