Two major allegations against Officer Derek Chauvin, who is charged in the death of George Floyd, are that he knelt on Mr. Floyd’s neck for 8 minutes causing Floyd’s death and that he may have done so because he hated black people.  However, after viewing additional close-up body cam footage, at least one prominent black man disagreed under oath to this narrative: the chief of the Minneapolis Police department, Mr. Medaria Arradondo.

Yesterday, Chauvin’s attorney questioned the chief of police of Minneapolis.  During the questioning, the attorney asked the chief whether he is aware of Camera Perspective Bias which is essentially the ability of camera positioning in relationship to an incident to cause optical illusions.

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According to Jack Posobiec, the chief said “No.”

That is when Chauvin’s attorney showed him and the court two synced side-by-side videos from George Floyd’s arrest.  One video is taken by a bystander who seems to be several feet away on the sidewalk.  The other video is taken from a body cam of another officer who right next to Chauvin during the incident.

Andy Ngo Reports:

Both the attorney and the police chief note that the distant and angled perspective of bystanders seemed to have caused an optical illusion, leading them to falsely believe that officer Derek Chauvin’s knee was fully on the neck of George Floyd in full force.

This is evident when the attorney asks the police chief about what he believes he sees while viewing the bystander’s (Frasier) video footage taken from several feet away.

“From the perspective of Ms. Frasier’s camera, it appears that officer Chauvin’s knee is on the neck of Mr. Floyd?”

The chief responds “Yes.”

However, his perspective changes when viewing the bodycam footage taken directly from the other officer, King, who is right next to Chauvin and his knee during the incident.

Minneapolis Police Chief, Medaria Arradondo

“It appears that Officer Chauvin’s knee was more on Mr. Floyd’s shoulder blade?” the attorney asks Arradondo.

The police chief chief replies, “Yes.”

“No further questions.” says the attorney.

So, based upon additional video footage and this expert witness–the black chief of police of Minneapolis–the knee of Officer Chauvin does not appear to be on Floyd’s neck when viewed from the close up angle of the body cam of Officer King.

Which perspective do you trust more?  How do you think this will effect the outcome of the case and any reactions to a possible verdict?

The full line of questioning can be seen below:



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