Are these protesters at the Trump rally in Fresno, CA illegal aliens? If they’re not illegal aliens, why are the people who are most angry about the potential of a Trump presidency so loyal to the Mexican flag?

Secret Service agents directing the motorcade carrying presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump apparently took evasive action after objects were thrown at the SUV carrying Trump as he departed the Selland Arena in Fresno, California on Friday. Video and online reporting posted by a local TV station shows the Trump motorcade barreling through a police barricade at such a high rate of speed that a shocked reporter said ‘hundreds could have been killed or injured’ by the maneuver.

Video by ABC30 reporter Veronica Miracle shows objects being thrown by protesters hitting the Trump motorcade as the convoy departs Selland Arena.

Moments later fellow ABC30 reporter Jessica Peres posted her shocked reaction to Twitter as Trump’s motorcade apparently took evasive action: “Insane! Trump’s vehicles RAM through police barricade at high speed and speed out of downtown @ABC30 #TrumpFresno #ABC30Insider”

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Really Jessica Peres? Did you miss the objects that were being LAUNCHED at the Trump motorcade by protesters? Are you aware that the Secret Service has an obligation to protect Trump from harm by these pathetic basement dwellers? How is the Secret Service supposed to determine if the flying objects being lobbed at the motorcade are Starbucks cups from the anti-capitalists punk protestors molotov cocktails? 

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Here is the video footage of Trump’s motorcade barreling through the police barricade:

It appears there was a security failure by allowing a horde of anti-Trump protesters with a history of violence across the state and nation to gather en masse within feet of Trump’s departing motorcade at a vulnerable point as it crept out of the service entrance for the arena and had to make a hard turn off a driveway exit ramp. The apparent high-speed detour through the police line moments later seems to have been a corrective action.

Via: Gateway Pundit

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