There’s a reason wild animals are kept in secure enclosures at the zoo. There’s also a zoom feature that can be found on most cell phones that helps the user get a close up photo when they can’t stand directly next to an object. The zoom feature on cell phone cameras is particularly handy when the object you’d like to capture is a wild animal who would love to eat you for lunch. A woman attending the Widlife World Zoo and Aquarium near Phoenix, AZ found out the hard way that climbing a barrier to get a selfie with a wild animals at a zoo is probably not a good idea.

The Daily Mail reports – A woman has been attacked by a jaguar at an Arizona zoo after climbing over a barrier near the animal’s enclosure so she could get a better photo.

Witnesses said the woman was trying to take a selfie with the jaguar on Saturday when it lashed out at the Wildlife World Zoo near Phoenix.

She had climbed over a barricade to get closer to the jaguar’s enclosure when the animal reached out and swiped at her.

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The woman suffered severe lacerations to her arm and was bleeding heavily.

Footage shot by a witness showed the woman lying on the floor crying in pain as she nursed her injured arm.

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The video showed a deep gash on the woman’s arm.

Watch (***Warning***video is graphic):

According to AZ Central – Zoo officials released a statement Saturday about the incident.

“The visitor sustained non-life-threatening injuries to their hand from one of our female jaguars. At the request of the family, paramedics were called. At no time was the animal out of its enclosure,” the statement continued.

The incident is being fully investigated, according to the zoo.

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