In previously leaked footage from Project Veritas, CNN Technical Director admitted to a woman that the media was working to craft a narrative that Biden was a “young geriatric,” mentioning his carefully crafted “Maverick”-style “aviator sunglasses.”

If you needed any further evidence that such a narrative is being purposefully constructed in a collusion between the media and The Whitehouse, look no further than today’s presser by Biden.  In it, Biden dons the prop ‘Maverick’ sunglasses made popular by Tom Cruise in Top Gun as he mumbles through his answer.  This is all quite intentional.

But that isn’t the only ridiculous thing that happened during the press conference.

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Biden walked out in his trademark aviator shades with a fully-masked face:

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Afterward, Biden was asked by a reporter why he chose to walk outside alone and then remove his mask as he promotes a new CDC guidance telling Americans that wearing masks outside is unnecessary if you aren’t near other people.

See his response below:

Are you getting tired of all of this blatant political theater?

What is with all the bumbling mixed-message gas-lighting by these people?

Is any of this scientific?  If so, why does the science change every week?

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