We knew it was going to happen. James O’Keefe of Project Veritas recently caught the violent group on video during an undercover sting operation planning violence and chaos at the “Deploraball,” an event for Trump supporters that was organized by popular conservative citizen journalists and activists on social media.

Watch this young man relay his experience that he calls, “disgusting” outside of the Deploraball, the event the SJ20 group has been planning to disrupt for quite some time:


I hope George Soros (or whatever radical leftist group) got a great deal on all of those pre-printed signs for his “spontaneous” or “grass roots” protesters. 

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These violent leftist criminals are not playing games. They roam around in gangs because they’re cowards. Notice how every time we see these acts of violence by these anti-Trump rioters, they usually single out one or two people who they can take down, but not without the help of 10-50 friends paid protesters.

A popular Youtuber and candidate for Conservative Republican National Chair James Allsup was attacked outside of the Deploraball. After this interview he was hit in the back of the head with a flagpole and his head was split open:

Here’s what happened to James Allsup after he was assaulted by the first anti-trumper. His story is below:








The winner of the most absurd tweet of the day (or night) is @JackSmithIV who posts an article from an online “publication” called mic.com who worries about “threats” violent anti-Trumper’s are getting from Trump supporters and “alt-righters” (whatever the hell that means). The author of the article worries about the threats of “resistance” by people who probably don’t want to get their heads split open.

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