I just came across a video that is perhaps the best 10 minutes I have ever shared with you.

It’s from Victor Davis Hanson and it’s titled “Why the left is terrified of Donald Trump”.

Some of this we all knew already…

But the way this is perfectly put together really brings it out in a whole new light.

As I said, I think it’s near perfection and it should wake up a lot of people.

It also answers the question: “Why are they doing this?”

Have you ever heard people ask that question?

Why are they destroying this country?  They live here too.  Why would they do that?

Are they stupid?



If you’ve ever asked those questions or people have asked YOU those questions, then you need to watch this.

I hope this goes viral, it will wake up a ton of people.

Watch here:

Also on Rumble here:

Backup here if needed:

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