A British Airways flight from London to the Caribbean took a violent turn after an intoxicated passenger broke a wine bottle and stabbed a fellow passenger with a piece of glass.

A group of men were partying loudly and drinking excessively during a flight to St. Lucia on Monday. They began to harass women on the plane and reportedly grabbed several female passengers.

Unfortunately, the flight crew did not intervene to stop the inappropriate, obnoxious behavior, nor did they stop serving the group alcohol.

When an argument broke out between passengers, one of the intoxicated men broke a wine bottle that was in the galley and used the shards to stab the other passenger. At this point, passengers and flight staff had to jump in to break up the altercation.

Shattered glass from the broken wine bottle

According to the St. Lucia Times, both the attacker and the victim are St. Lucian nationals.

Blood from the attack was splattered across the cabin, and the man who was cut had to receive 12 stitches.

Blood splattered within the cabin of the plane

British Airways passenger being treated after getting stabbed on a flight to St. Lucia

The passengers who were interviewed after the scary attack blamed the flight staff for not intervening sooner as the group of men was disturbing the rest of the plane and being disrespectful to the women on the flight.

One female passenger told the Daily Mail, “The main aggressor was behaving terribly in the lead-up to the incident. The BA staff were perhaps too intimidated to regain control but the atmosphere was clearly leading to some kind of incident.”

“A handful of men were lingering at the back of the plane for hours, loudly partying with an endless supply of alcohol provided by the BA staff,” she added. “They approached numerous women on the flight, myself and a fellow passenger were grabbed by the arm when we passed by and pulled back as they tried to engage us.”

“Staff saw this and did not intervene, contributing to the escalating atmosphere,” she said.

Another woman who was on the flight reported that the man who used the wine bottle shards as a weapon had been approaching women on the flight, including herself. She said that he told her “both his parents had just died so he’s got a house now on St. Lucia.”

A British Airways representative gave a statement about the incident, saying, “We’re shocked that anyone would act in this way and are grateful to our highly trained cabin crew and the customers who supported them in handling this difficult incident.”

“We want to assure customers that this behavior will never be tolerated and we will always take the appropriate action.”

A spokesperson for the St. Lucia police also commented on the incident, saying, “We are looking into this with immediate effect. This is a very serious matter which occurred on a plane. This is very serious indeed.”


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