A British woman went to Mexico to vacation. Sounds great, right? Not so much.

Amanda Gill died while on vacation from minor complications due to diabetes. What happened after that is what’s so disturbing.

Amanda’s family never agreed to donate her organs and believe that her organs were stolen by criminals in the dark underworld of organ harvesting.

Amanda also could be treated for her condition with an IV drip but died 12 hours after entering Hospital de Cos in Mexico.

The hospital says Amanda’s body was put in a sealed bag and given to police. No one knows what happened next except that Amanda’s organs were harvested by someone. Mexico has a shortage of organ donors so it’s speculated that the organs were harvested by a corrupt doctor.

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Amanda’s family is asking questions even though it’s likely they’ll never find out what happened to their beloved daughter. They only found out about the missing parts when the body was subjected to a CT scan once it was back in the UK.


Amanda’s sister said: ‘Where are my sister’s beautiful blue eyes? Why were they taken from her? Where is her brain, her heart?’


The local prosecutor said the hospital is known to be “bad” and that 90% of patients who go there die! Holy Smokes!

The dark world of organ harvesting appears to have been the cause of this poor woman’s complete harvesting. The scary thing is that her family says the condition she had could be treated with an IV drip and that she should have never died. Yikes!


China is one of the worst offenders in black market organ harvesting but now ISIS  is getting in on the highly lucrative industry. 

American forces uncovered a veritable treasure trove of information on a raid in Syria earlier in the year that killed Abu Sayyaf and captured his wife. Abu Sayyaf was a Tunisian militant whose real name was Fathi ben Awn ben Jildi Murad al-Tunisi, according to Reuters.

Among the information found was a document which gave religious approval to removing organs from live captives, or “apostates” in order to save the life of another Muslim. The ruling stated that even if the captive is killed, the practice is authorized. This discovery has raised the possibility that the Islamic State terror group, also known as ISIS, is trafficking in human body parts to fund its operations.

“The apostate’s life and organs don’t have to be respected and may be taken with impunity,” says the document, which is in the form of a fatwa, or religious ruling, from the Islamic State’s Research and Fatwa Committee. “Organs that end the captive’s life if removed: The removal of that type is also not prohibited,” Fatwa Number 68 says, according to the U.S. government.

The document also authorizes cannibalism in certain circumstances. “A group of Islamic scholars have permitted, if necessary, one to kill the apostate in order to eat his flesh, which is part of benefiting from his body,” it says.

Iraq has previously accused the Islamic State of trafficking in human body parts to earn revenue. The practice can be highly lucrative. Information was also released by the U.S. government of ISIS trafficking in stolen antiquities from the region.

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