Not only are the Bernie Sanders campaign workers committing voter fraud, the campaign directors are encouraging workers to commit voter fraud as well. Nothing a good slap on the wrist won’t cure…right?

Two campaign workers for Bernie Sanders were caught freely admitting they registered to vote in New Hampshire by falsely using the address of the campaign’s state headquarters.

James O’Keefe of Project Veritas has the footage – which has prompted a referral to the attorney general’s office for investigation, The Daily Caller is reporting.

In the footage, Hugo Palma, Sanders’ Manchester Field Director, is shown explaining the fraud.


“So, to vote in New Hampshire, all you have to do is prove domicile. That’s about it,” Palma says in the video.

Palma lives in Colorado Springs. He said he listed his address as Sanders’ New Hampshire headquarters. To assist with the fraud, he had a personal bank statement sent to the campaign office address.

It is illegal to put a false address on voting registration documents.

The penalty for providing false information during registration is up to a year in jail, a fine up to $2,000 and a possible $5,000 civil penalty.

Palma emphatically states in the video that he planned to leave New Hampshire — which he called a “shit show” — on Feb. 13, the day after the primary, which Sanders won by a landslide.

Donna Waterman, a Sanders campaign staffer, also listed the campaign office as her home address, O’Keefe found. During an exchange with the PVA journalist, she too explained how to register to vote by claiming domicile status. She also said that she was not sure whether the scheme was legal.

“If you have a piece of mail sent here, you can register the day-of,” Waterman said, adding that “you can send it to the office, that’s what Hugo did.”

She later said that she did not “know the legality of it.”

Waterman also explained that most others in the office were claiming domicile “even though that’s not true” and “even though we are not planning on coming back.”

“It’s super, super easy to register in New Hampshire, because you bring in a piece of mail and that’s claiming domicile,” she said.


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