Filing season for income taxes is about a month away (Jan. 29th), so the media decided to do a little fearmongering by saying the tax refunds wouldn’t happen during the partial government shutdown.

Fortune reported: The IRS will continue to process tax returns, regardless of the ongoing budget fight in Washington. However, when it comes to issuing refunds, that’s not going to happen until the government completely reopens.


It’s just more of an effort by the media to make a 25% shutdown of our government out to be as bad as possible.

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What the media didn’t figure is that the Trump administration would be ready with a solution…

The Trump administration was on top of it so on Monday they changed the policy so that tax refunds “will go out” as planned.

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Even though the IRS is closed under the partial government shutdown, Americans will see tax refunds issued to them despite the fact that the Treasury Department, which oversees the IRS, is one of nine federal agencies affected by the shutdown.

The White House Office of Management and Budget, Russel Vought, said that wouldn’t stop the IRS from issuing refunds.

“Tax refunds will go out,” Vought said, according to Bloomberg.

A big thumbs-up on that!

The media also decided to share numerous photos of trash at National Parks but the great thing is volunteers decided to take it upon themselves to clean up the trash during the shutdown.

So while Democrats play politics on funding the wall and the media spins it in favor of the Democrats, the Trump administration works on solutions to problems. Isn’t that how the government is supposed to work?

Trump’s budget chief also told reporters that despite the partial government shutdown:

-trash will be collected and restrooms cleaned in national parks as of this weekend

-fish and wildlife refuges will be kept open for the next 30 days

-Coast Guard will get paid

-new flood insurance policies “will be done.”

It’s what happens when you elect a businessman and problem-solver – He gets things done!

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