Daniel Goldsmith and Pete Molinelli are just two fans of the NBA’s Sacramento Kings who decided to wear pro-Trump jerseys to a game against the Miami Heat last Friday. Goldsmith said he did it for fun, but the left was not having it.

A photo of the men in their jerseys led to a fierce debate on social media.

Some comments claimed “this isn’t Sacramento” and others said the jerseys made them “want to puke”.

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It’s safe to say the harmless jerseys triggered the Snowflakes.

The men said that during the game the fans around them didn’t say anything negative.

Goldsmith wore a “Build The Wall” jersey and Molinelli wore the “Trump” jersey.

Apparently, this was such a big deal that the Bee called the two friends and interviewed them to ask why they wore the jerseys.

The man wearing the “Trump” jersey commented that he thought it would be fun:

“I was up for the fun, I guess. Everyone sitting around us at the game thought it was funny.”

Molinelli was asked about immigration and gave a great answer:

“The wall is about illegal immigration and the border, and I support that. At least we got people talking.”

The Sacramento Bee went on to describe in detail the rules on behavior and attire at the arena. They even contacted the Kings for a statement:

A representative with the Kings did not immediately respond to requests for comment Tuesday regarding the fan jerseys and any policies the team or venue may have in place regarding attire.

Is the Sacramento Bee insinuating that there should be a policy in place to prohibit Trump attire at games?

Since the left considers anything like “Make America Great Again” or “Build the Wall” a racist statement, it should come as no surprise that the media is jumping on the bandwagon to influence the narrative to make these Trump slogans unwearable.

Free speech goes both ways.

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