Meanwhile, “refugees” staying at these luxury hotels in England cry “discrimination” because they’re not allowed to eat same food, and enjoy all of the same amenities as  paying guests. 

The fat cat boss of a company given vast amounts of taxpayers’ money to house asylum seekers is on a salary of almost £1million a year, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

James Vyvyan-Robinson, Managing Director, Clearsprings appearing before a Public Accounts Committee on the Provision of asylum accommodation ***TMoS GRABS FROM PARLIAMENT TV***
James Vyvyan-Robinson, Managing Director, Clearsprings appearing before a Public Accounts Committee on the Provision of asylum accommodation

MPs have condemned James Vyvyan-Robinson, director of Clearspring Ready Homes Ltd, for profiteering from the plight of refugees after he awarded himself an astonishing near-fourfold pay rise.

The company, which is paid by the Government to provide transportation and accommodation for asylum seekers, is currently under investigation by HMRC over its tax affairs.

The asylum seekers come from countries such as Eritrea, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Sudan, Angola and Morocco.
Every morning they are treated to a full English breakfast, at lunch they have a selection of sandwiches and for dinner they are served with rice, chicken, pasta and vegetables.

But some complain they are discriminated against because they have to eat their food in a function room away from other guests, who have to fork out £14.50 for buffet meals that include carvery meats, fish, vegetables, cheese and biscuits and desserts such as chocolate gateau.

Europa Hotel Gatwick Pool

A Mail on Sunday reporter who stayed at the hotel as a guest last week witnessed an asylum seeker complaining to staff.

The man, who has previously worked at hotels in Dubai, said: ‘We should be considered VIPs because we are long-staying guests. We are making money for this hotel.’

He said he fled his home country last summer after escaping an honour killing – and was heard complaining to a waiter: ‘Why the food is not the same quality, my brother? Why [other] people, they have salad and we don’t have salad? Why they have desserts and we don’t have desserts?’

Despite his complaints, he said he was grateful that the British taxpayer was funding his stay.

A Libyan asylum seeker also complained about their treatment and that they were served different food to paying guests.

Asylum seekers have been at the hotel since last October, with the length of their stays ranging from a few days to a few weeks before they are moved elsewhere.

Europa Gatwick Hotel Room

Prices range from £35 for a single room to £71 for a family-sized room, with the cost met by Clearsprings Ready Homes Ltd, a firm contracted by the Home Office. Astonishingly, the asylum seekers seemed to have been left unsupervised, with no Clearsprings staff on the premises during The Mail on Sunday’s stay.

The travel review website TripAdvisor is flooded with reviews from angry guests who say they were not warned about the asylum seekers before booking the hotel. Many said they were intimidated by large groups loitering at the lobby and bar.


One guest even wrote: ‘I will not be returning unless a bulldozer has preceded me.’

Another, describing the establishment as a ‘disgusting hell hole’, said: ‘I was shocked at all the non-paying guests staying at the taxpayer’s expense, courtesy of the Home Office, taking all the lounge areas.’

Via: Dail Mail

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