Lisa Fithian is a legendary far-left agitator who trains fellow activists to engage with the opposition in a non-violent manner so they can catch the reaction of the opposition on camera. The 75-year-old radical activist is the best in the business. When the Left wants to start a riot, Fithian is their go-to girl.

For those who are unfamiliar with the work of Lisa Fithian, she is an infamous radical organizer. She organized at Occupy Wall Street, the Ferguson riots, and several other violent events.

Fithian’s been doing this type of opposition warfare for decades. Watch the 75-yr-old radical train the radical Teacher’s Union in Chicago 11 years ago and see how she traps individuals who oppose her and how she uses the media to manipulate the message:

Only moments ago, the anti-American anarchist Lisa Fithian was caught on camera with a group of leftist activists standing near a massive banner in NYC with a message that reads: “TRUMP LIES ALL THE TIME.”

Of course, the message is meant to draw Trump supporters in and then, once they get an emotional reaction, catch them on camera attempting to remove or deface their banner.

The identity of their first victim is unknown, but she can be seen standing on the banner and attempting to remove it from the street. She is knocked down by one of Fithian’s disciples as others with her group descend on the woman. Suddenly, Fithian pops into the view of the person filming and keeps her hands in plain view to prove she is not assaulting the woman, as she uses her body to push her.

It’s not an accident that an incredibly large pool of individuals with professional cameras are standing by, hoping to capture Trump supporters reacting to the banner and, thereby, creating confrontations between Trump supporters and the far-left activists. Notice how one of the agitators knocks her to the ground when she pulls the banner out from under her feet and then immediately apologizes in front of the mob scene of individuals with cameras.


So, who is Lisa Fithian?

On November 16, 2003, the New York Times wrote about the professional far-left agitator who knows better than almost anyone how to push the buttons of the opposition as a means to engage them in an emotional and even violent response and then stand back and record them:

While most people have been ushered out of the downtown area, the 42-year-old Fithian wants to go into it, to do reconnaissance with three fellow activists. Weeks from now, she will be marching in these streets, and the police will no longer be practicing. Since it is difficult to find our way about, Fithian decides, boldly, to follow the cruisers. ”You know,” she says, ”it’s kind of nice to tail the cops for once.”

When, like Fithian, you have been arrested some 30 times, the police become less of a fearful authority than antagonists in a battle you just can’t wait to begin. Fithian, who lives in Austin, Tex., has been involved in planning protests in Seattle, Washington, Prague, Genoa, Quebec City, New York, Sacramento and Cancún, and she has come to Miami in advance of the Free Trade Area of the Americas meeting that will start Nov. 17. Her intention is to scout the city — to understand the layout, to meet with every local activist group willing to meet with her and to plan how to ”derail” the negotiations.

”For want of a better word, I’m a professional at this,” she says. ”My eye is trained. I walk through a city, and I see a parking garage, and I think, That’d be a great place to drop a huge banner, or I see an open restaurant, and I think, That’d be a good place to escape to if things get crazy. Sometimes places will tell me what they want.”

In other words, Fithian is a far-left radical who trains fellow radicals to engage with and shut down the opposition.

We also wrote about Fithian in 2015 and about how a group that worked with Fithian to protest in Ferguson, MO, was paid by ACORN, a now-defunct Soros-funded group.

Remember the “spontaneous” protests turned violent riots at Ferguson following the fake “hands up, don’t shoot” that never happened to thug Michael Brown?

As it turned out, the “spontaneous” nature of the violent protests were not so spontaneous after all.

Here’s an ad  that was published in May 14, 2015, that states they are looking for applicants to join the organized BLM movement:

After the protests, protesters were upset that they were not paid their promised checks for fulfilling their end of the bargain. The protesters, who were part of the  MORE (Missourians Organizing For Reform and Empowerment), an ACORN organization that had received funding through George Soros, were angry because they did what was asked of them,  but they were not receiving their promised payout.

MORE’s anger with not being paid turned into a humiliating slip-up for the Left, who demanded that the protests were spontaneous, which resulted in them posting a list revealing payments from the George Soros-funded ACORN organization to radical groups and individuals for their roles in the violent riots of Ferguson.

What would a violent protest be without professional leftist agitator Lisa Fithian?

Near the top of the list on page two, Lisa Fithian’s name appears

According to the release of the document that detailed payments for their services, Fithian was to receive $1,127.73 for the services she allegedly provided or was contracted to provide.

Here’s the entire page two of the list that was made public by MORE which shows they were owed $52,815.48 for “Debt repayment for Ferguson October.”

Here’s anarchist Lisa Fithian working with Chicago Teacher’s Union members to teach them how to do hand-to-hand combat with their opponents.

Nothing about the Left is spontaneous. They are a well-oiled machine. From election theft to riots in major cities across America, to January 6, the Left and their top commanders, like Lisa Fithian, are well-trained in the art of deceit and manipulation. Americans who attend protests need to be aware that these groups exist for the sole purpose of targeting them, trapping them, and making an example of them along with their allies in the media, who help them to craft fake narratives to push their anti-American agenda.


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