The Democrat motto: Whatever it takes…

UPDATE: An eyewitness stated that one of the alleged Klansmen was Black.

“Lol I wonder who on the democrat side who set this up. Cause these “KKK” members were silent. Not trump supporters

And of the “clan” members is black so I don’t buy it for a second lol”

“It’s hard to tell in the photo (I didn’t notice till I got closer) but the one on the right had a black hand”


A photo taken outside a Nevada Republican caucus site has stirred controversy as it was presented un-factchecked as being of two Trump supporters dressed as KKK members despite it being known that leftists have a history of dressing as Klansmen to protest Trump.

The person who posted the photo, Krystal Heath, the general manager of a Nevada radio station, said the photo was sent to her by a friend. Forty-five minutes after posting the photo she admitted she did not know for certain if they were actually Trump supporters but the damage was done.

“KKK pic was taken tonight at Cimaron-Memorial High School. Volunteers asked caucus goers to ignore them. #NVCaucus”

Two other photos were posted to Twitter, again second hand, by Nevada state Senate Minority Leader Aaron D. Ford, who is African-American.

“So, friends of mine observed this at a republican caucus location this evening. I’ll admit, I’m boiling right now. ?”

In September leftist protesters dressed as Klansmen gathered outside Trump Tower in New York City. That protest received nationwide coverage by the media.

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Via: Gateway Pundit

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