Roger Clinton got busted for a DUI on Sunday but might not be out of jail to vote for his sister-in-law! Clinton is the half-brother of Bill Clinton and was given the code name “Headache” by the Secret Service during his brother’s presidency. It looks like he’s living up to his reputation!

Hillary Clinton’s brother-in-law is sitting in a jail cell after getting busted for DUI in Southern California … just 2 days before the crucial CA primary vote.
Roger Clinton was arrested Sunday just after 8 PM in Redondo Beach. He was booked for driving under the influence, and we’re told he refused blood alcohol testing.
Roger remains in police custody. His bail is set at $15,000.
Clinton was also arrested for DUI in 2001. That same year, President Clinton infamously pardoned his half-brother for a drug charge:

During his brother’s presidential campaign and subsequent administration, Clinton was given the codename “Headache” by the Secret Service due to his controversial behavior.[7] In 2001, before his brother left office, Clinton was granted a presidential pardon for a 1985 cocaine possession conviction for which he had served a year in prison. The pardon allowed for the conviction to be expunged from his criminal record.

Unless he bails out before Tuesday … there goes one vote for Hillary.

Via: TMZ

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