Wow! This compilation of blatant blocking for Hillary is beyond embarrassing and these “journalists” should be serving time for journalistic malpractice.

We all know the mainstream media is guilty of supporter the Democrat candidate for President in almost every election for decades, the question is: “Are we going to allow them to define the narrative and cover for a criminal while destroying the reputation of Trump, who is truly the only ally we have against this corrupt media, or are we going to stand up and shout, ‘NO MORE!’?”

A few examples of journalistic malpractice:

“We have chosen to cut off that microphone.”

“Let me be clear here, obviously the majority of Donald Trump supporters are not African American, I don’t know how many African Americans were in that building. But that is one person  we have chosen to cut off the sound off for.”

This is happening every day in America…are you doing your part to discredit them? After all, silence is consent…


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