The story below should be a cautionary tale for anyone who thinks it’s ok to bring in unvetted refugees to America. There have been several reports of former ISIS fighters going to Germany and other parts of Europe to blend in with the “refugees” This particular former ISIS FIGHTER lied about his time with ISIS  but tried to pass himself off as innocent of any participation with the terrorist group. 

The big question is how many more are out there who’ve done the same thing and are now headed for our shores? We know from testimony by all security networks within the US government that we CANNOT properly vet the refugees coming into America. How can we weed out people if they have no identification? 

Please check out this one particular case below that should help you understand the possibility of ISIS terrorists coming to America as refugees is a very real one:  

BREMEN, Germany — Since his arrest on terrorism charges, German militant Harry Sarfo has been an unusually talkative Islamic State recruit, granting interviews from prison that were carried on front pages and news broadcasts across Europe and the United States.

German authorities permitted the access to Sarfo, whose story seemed to represent such a cautionary tale. He described atrocities he witnessed in Syria and the Islamic State’s efforts to enlist him for plots in Europe, always emphasizing that he spurned these approaches before making an improbable escape.

But in depicting himself as a disillusioned fighter who refused to commit violence, Sarfo left out some potentially incriminating scenes.

Previously unreleased video shows Sarfo moving doomed hostages into position for a public execution in Palmyra last year, and then apparently firing his own weapon at one of the fallen men. Rather than resisting involvement in the gruesome propaganda spectacle, Sarfo is shown shouting Islamic State slogans to whip up the gathering crowd, pledging his loyalty in a pre-execution huddle and raising his fist in celebration at the burst of machine-gun fire.

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The footage is at odds with almost every account Sarfo, 28, has given of his time in Syria, including his statements to German authorities that he merely “stood on the side” while the shooting took place and adamantly “said no to the killing.”

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