Rules for Thee, But Not For Me is every tyrant’s mantra.  The globalist far-left tyrants running Michigan are no different.

The State of Michigan has been crushed by the restrictions and mandates placed upon them by Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer.   And despite being one of the most restricted states in the Union, the Covid stats–we are told–are worse than all of the states that have had much more lax restrictions and state that have already re-opened like Texas and Florida.  These mandates and restrictions were ruled unconstitutional last year.


But that didn’t stop Whitmer.  Instead of following the data and science and law, she immediately had her Department of Health and Human Services re-enact the same unconstitutional rules through the HHS instead.

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Then, earlier this week, we noted that Whitmer’s own Chief Operating Officer flouted her own restrictions and recommendations by traveling to Florida, where she was seen having an awesome time in groups while not socially distancing and not wearing a mask.

Pictured on the TV are Michigan DHHS, Elizabeth Hertel, and Whitmer COO, Tricia Foster in a WDIV 4 report.

Detroit investigative reporter Charlie LeDuff, who’s suing Whitmer for not disclosing the facts about nursing home COVID related cases and deaths that are being blamed on Whitmer for making the reckless decision to send COVID-positive people into nursing homes, blasted Whitmer and her two top officials for their handling of the recent surge in COVID cases.

Whitmer’s reckless nursing home policies placed a young black male who was COVID positive into a nursing home with a non-COVID positive, 78-yr.-old veteran with dementia. The elderly patient was beaten by the black male with mental issues, who was placed in the nursing home facility by U of M Hospital while he videotaped his crime for social media.

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When Foster posted photos of herself and her family on vacation in Florida (see below), LeDuff wrote:

There Foster was – if her Facebook posts are to believed – surrounded by a gaggle of teenage girls sunning themselves poolside while her son was back in Michigan fighting Covid.

Now, another top Whitmer official has been caught red-handed traveling for spring break to Alabama “without being fully vaccinated.”  To compound the absurdity, this top official is the Director of Health and Human Services, Elizabeth Hertel.  She is the person responsible for creating and signing all of the CCP Virus restrictions that have crippled the citizens of Michigan since the Michigan Supreme Court ruling we mentioned above.

Michigan DHHS, Elizabeth Hertel

But that isn’t all.

When asked about this blatant act of hypocrisy and favoritism just before Whitmer and the DHHS issued more draconian guidance in Michigan, Whitmer unflinchingly defended her Director of HHS, saying that what she does in her personal life must not be questioned.  She also went out of her way to lie about the actions she and her DHHS have taken since they began enacting their CCP virus restrictions.

WDIV Click on Detroit quotes the Governor as saying:

“There have never been travel restrictions in Michigan; there just haven’t been. What we have done is to ask people to be smart to get vaccinated to mask up,” she said. “What directors do on their personal time is their business.”

However, everyone in Michigan knows this is a bald-faced lie.

The Detroit News editorial page editor Nolan Finley said, “There were travel restrictions in Michigan. We opposed them; we objected to her shutdown orders that prevented travel within the state… There’s also been plenty hypocrisy out of the governor’s office.”

Does Whitmer really believe that enormous lie, or does she just expect you to believe it?  If the ‘science is settled’ on Whitmer’s explanations and remedies for the CCP Virus, then why are none of her staff afraid of it?  Why does Whitmer lie about treatments that President Trump endorses only to change her tune about them after Biden is in office?  Does she not care at all about the lives, livelihoods, and wellbeing of her constituents?  Why would she hide remedies for the CCP virus?

Many in Michigan are up in arms about this:

LeDuff continued his blistering attack on Michigan’s incompetent governor, who LeDuff claims he actually voted for in this Deadline Detroit article:

When asked for a comment by Breitbart News – which broke the story – neither Foster nor the administration responded. But Foster deleted the posts.

When local media picked up on it, the response from Whitmer press secretary Bobby Leddy was nothing short of bush league. He called the Breitbart article “a partisan attack from a garbage White nationalist website.”

Meanwhile, back in Michigan, Whitmer was left last week to flip-flop on her lockdown strategy while simultaneously playing a ham-handed game of Covid whack-a-mole with the Biden Administration. At the same time, coronavirus cases were topping 8,000 a day.

It’s become an embarrassing spectacle. Whitmer calling out the president of the United States for a vaccine surge as Michigan left 360,000 doses of its federal allotment go unordered.

Joe’s people have very publicly rebuffed Big Gretch’s demands for more vaccines, instead offering to send some competent people to Michigan to straighten things out while her top people worked on their tans.

He continued…

The Republicans are having a field day. “One thing Trish forgot to do before she went on spring break was to order those 360,000 vaccine doses for Michigan, leaving the governor to grovel,” said Ted Goodman, communications director of the Michigan Republican Party. “It’s continued hypocrisy within her own circle, with family members and staff openly flaunting the policies that Whitmer has imposed on the rest of Michiganders.”

Look, everybody is entitled to a vacation. But the governor’s top Covid people going to Florida when the governor tells the hoi polloi to stay away is a bad look.

It calls to question competency and judgment, and privilege.

LeDuff joined local radio hosts Drew and Mike to discuss Gov. Whitmer’s horrific handling of the Chinese coronavirus pandemic. During his interview, LeDuff mentions that Biden’s people came to Michigan to discuss solutions for the Chinese coronavirus spread in MI. The state has now reached #1 in the nation for most positive cases. Unfortunately, according to LeDuff, both of Whitmer’s top officials were on vacation out of state; at the same time, Whitmer was advising MI residents peasants to stay home to stop the spread.  You can listen to his interview (at about the 40 min. mark) by clicking HERE.


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