How low will the left go in their effort to make Trump supporters into the bad guy? As if fake news wasn’t bad enough, now we have fake crimes being blamed on Trump supporters…


The latest case comes out of Long Island, New York and involves a woman who faked a crime that she claimed four pro-Trump teens committed.

Adwoa Lewis made the claim that she was driving home on September 2nd when four teens yelled “Trump 2016”  and then said she “didn’t belong here”.

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Lewis then claimed that the next morning she found her tires slashed with a note saying, “Go home”.


Nassau County police investigated and found that Lewis was telling a lie about the entire crime. She admitted to writing the note and placing it on her car. The tire was flat and had not been slashed. She also lied about teens yelling at her.

She’s been charged with falsifying a crime and is scheduled to appear in court September 24th.

The local media interviewed Lewis’ father who made a claim that people don’t want him here…Like father, Like daughter? This man has been in the US for 30 years! Is he kidding that he doesn’t feel welcome? He also claims that “we had to build this country”…Huh? Is it any wonder that Lewis’ daughter is doing what she did because of how her father feels? President Trump is all for immigrants…LEGAL immigrants!


Lewis’ dad, William, emigrated to New York from the Caribbean island of Grenada 30 years ago with his wife. 

“That’s the kind of environment we’re in right now, especially if you are an immigrant in this country. It’s sad,” he says. “We work hard in this country, we had to build this country. Huh? 

Why are we treated this way? It’s like we’re not welcome. I am a citizen.”

William Lewis says he is close with many of his neighbors, but says recently, things have only become more difficult for immigrants.

“You have somebody in the White House professing those things, man. He’s spurring people on to do those things. After being here for 30 years, this is my home. But I’ll be honest with you, they’re not gonna outrun me. I’m not going anywhere. I’m not going anywhere,”

Paranoia will destroy ya!


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