This story is such a sign of the times we live in…A butcher makes a sign to sell bacon and is shamed by the pc police into apologizing BUT…HIS SALES SKYROCKETED! What does that tell you? Most people are on board with NOT being offended by every little thing. Also, Australia is pushing back on the flood of Muslims entering their country. Protests have increased as we see the results of mass immigration of Muslims in Britain. Americans should take note of the turmoil and change of culture and tradition.

Turns out, it’s probably not the best of ideas for a butcher to loudly notify his customers that eating his bacon will ensure they don’t become suicide bombers. Unless, that is, you are totally fine with having to halfheartedly apologize, all the while filling your pockets to the brim with money.

Australian butcher Jeff Rapley is facing a backlash after an image of a sign he posted on his storefront went viral. The sign in question informs passersby that his bacon has the miraculous properties to ensure that those who eat it will never run the risk of suddenly transforming into a bona fide suicide bomber. The now infamous sign reads as follows:

“Eating two strips of Rapley’s award winning bacon for breakfast reduces your chance of being a suicide bomber by 100 percent.”

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