Oroville, CA– Orville city council members voted 6-1 to declare itself a constitutional republic in order to combat the ‘barrage’ of Covid restrictions. They believe this measure will resist state and federal orders they deem ‘government overreach.’

Council members believe their stance will affirm the city’s values in the face of Governor Gavin Newsom.

Vice Mayor Scott Thomson said the governor is going “on a rampage” because of his “increasingly intrusive” mandates. Furthermore, his actions are “just basically drawing the line” against the mandates that are stripping residents’ ‘inalienable rights.’

Someone familiar with the law said that this decision is more of a ‘gesture’ that does not change the authority of the city council.

These governors’ orders against everyday American citizens is made possible by the left’s constant attack on the American founding. “Inalienable rights” don’t exist to the elites running our country. Instead, only their power and agenda are points for consideration.

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