Palo Alto is planning on honoring Justice Kavanaugh’s accuser. No, we’re not joking. The honor is for testifying against Justice Kavanaugh. Mayor Liz Kniss openly discusses her dislike for President Trump and even calls him a “despot”. We’re not surprised. It’s what you would expect from the mayor of Palo Alto, California…Land of Fruits and Nuts.


The mayor of Palo Alto hasn’t informed Ford of the award because she hasn’t been able to track her down. Come to think of it, she did just fall off of the radar after the Senate voted to confirm Justice Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. The Democrats dropped her like a hot potato.

Palo Alto Mayor Liz Kniss said,  “I have no idea how to reach her whatsoever. If anybody hears anything about her or anything like that, actually, we’d like to know.”

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Kniss continued that she wasn’t sure Ford would even want the recognition and probably wants to just forget her Senate testimony but acknowledged that ford’s life will never be the same:

“She can never be anonymous again. If she goes back to teaching, then probably people will sign up for her class because they’re curious. She must wake up every morning thinking, ‘What good did it do?’ He’s been sworn in, and he’s a justice for life.”

Kniss recently made a claim of her own of being sexually assaulted in the 60’s! The 6o’s??? A fifty-year-old accusation!

The refreshing thing is that most of the comments from the Palo Alto Daily Post are against Kniss. Our favorite comment makes a GREAT point:

Does this mean the City of Palo Alto will be changing how it handles complaints by employees of sexual harassment? That somebody can make an allegation without any corroboration or witnesses, and it will be enough to fire an employee? Kniss should reconcile the City’s policies with what the Democrats tried to do to Kavanaugh. Would the same standards apply?



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