On Thursday, California Democratic Rep. Julia Brownley warned her party that she is in danger of losing the upcoming election to Republican candidate Matt Jacobs.

Despite Brownley’s blue district going for Biden by 20 points, the Democrat has reportedly been turning to fellow party members for additional financial support after a recent poll, showing her up by only one point, raised alarm bells for her team.

Democratic U.S. Rep. Julia Brownley

Her Republican opponent, Jacobs, is a former federal prosecutor who has had more success raising funds than Brownley thus far, as a result of the GOP heavily funding races located in districts won by Joe Biden. By the end of September, Jacobs had raised $2.26 million, while Brownley had raised $2.02 million.

Matt Jacobs

However, in the days leading up to the elections, Democrats have started funneling more money into Brownley’s campaign as her position seems to be threatened.

Jacobs has invited Brownley to participate in live debates with him, however, she has repeatedly refused the opportunity.

Jacobs called out his opponent for her refusal to debate the most dividing issues in their district, including inflation and abortion. Jacobs said, “I think it’s indefensible. I think it’s incredibly undemocratic. I think it’s incredibly insulting to voters.”

Brownley, who was first elected a decade ago, responded to these critiques, insisting that the voters already know her stances on these hot topic issues and that she doesn’t need to further prove herself.

“Quite frankly, at the end of the day, I think the voters of the 26th District know my positions on all of the issues,” said Brownley. “…I didn’t need the debate. He might have needed the debate.”

Brownley isn’t the only Democratic candidate that’s worried about losing the election to the Republican party.

New York Governor Kathy Hochul (D) is also in a much tighter race than she anticipated, causing a similar rush to acquire campaign funds from fellow Democrats. Hochul’s opponent, Congressman Lee Zeldin, is only separated from her by a few points.

While Hochul has been pushing abortion rights and her issues with President Trump, Zeldin has been focused on the issues that most American voters are concerned about right now: crime and the economy.

Hochul is making a last-minute push to change her focus to crime, releasing a new advertisement on Saturday with the tagline, “You deserve to feel safe.”

Many Democratic candidates across the nation are feeling the pressure from their Republican opponents, causing them to put a heavier focus on reducing crime and bettering the economy.

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