Much like Ronald Reagan in the 1980’s, Franklin Graham is bravely going where few conservatives have dared to go, as he calls on Californians to stand up for Jesus and tear down the West Coast’s blue wall…

Franklin Graham stood in a packed locker room at the Rose Bowl, surrounded by fellow evangelists, pastors, and his top Los Angeles donors. It was two weeks before the California primary, and Mr. Graham was urging them to take a stand against their state’s “blue wall.”

The blue wall of California, Mr. Graham told the gathering, represents secular values that have taken root on the country’s west coast.

“Progressive?” he went on, “That’s just another word for godless.” Now is the time for churches to “suck it up” and vote.

“We’re tired of being stepped on,” Felix Martin del Campo, a board member of Samaritan’s Purse, Mr. Graham’s international humanitarian organization, said in an interview as the meeting ended and worship music played. “Only as we change the heart of the people of California can California go red again.”

Mr. Graham, the son of the late Billy Graham and one of the leading figures in evangelical Christianity, is going straight for that heart.

Mr. Graham is leading a three-bus caravan up the middle of the state, one of the biggest political battlegrounds this year, to urge evangelicals to vote and to win California for Jesus. The two-week tour ends on the day of the primary, June 5.

Here’s a video of Franklin Graham LIVE in Bakersfield, CA.:

Along the way — at a park in Escondido, outside the Rose Bowl stadium in Pasadena, on the beaches of Oxnard, at the fairgrounds of Fresno and Modesto — Mr. Graham is hosting 10 campaign-style rallies, complete with highly-produced videos, top Christian singers and laser light shows, to urge evangelicals to join his mission.

That mission, Mr. Graham says, is about faith and Jesus, but the parallel political message is just as resounding: Support candidates who will advance the socially conservative causes dear to many evangelicals — especially opposition to abortion and same-sex marriage — and get to the polls and vote for them. Three of his stops are in or bordering critical House districts in the Central Valley, and others hug the line between red and blue up the state.

Don’t be afraid to preach about it, Mr. Graham told the pastors. “Lose your tax-exempt status; the progressives want to take it away anyway,” he said.

Saving California, religiously or politically, might seem an audacious goal. Mr. Graham wants nothing less than to reform what he sees as an increasingly heathen state. But Mr. Graham and his supporters see something in California that others often miss. –New York Times

Elizabeth Dias, the writer for the New York Times that is following Graham around on his California bus tour, posted these images to Twitter.

During Dias’ interview, Graham recalled an interesting interaction that took place between himself and the soon-to-be Vice President Mike Pence, after the polls closed:

Mr. Graham recalled how on election night in 2016, then-Gov. Mike Pence of Indiana called him as the polls closed.

“He thought they had lost the election,” Mr. Graham said, a gleam in his eye. “I said, ‘Listen buddy. If you guys win tonight, you make sure Donald understands that it’s the Lord.’”

When it was clear the tide had turned, Mr. Graham sent the soon to be vice-president a post-midnight text. “I said, ‘Mike, look what God did tonight.’ He said, ‘Isn’t it awesome.’”

The left responded to the news of Franklin Graham’s bus tour, in exactly the same way one would expect the party that publicly rejected God three times from their 2012 national platform.

Watch the video here:

Here are just a few of the sick responses we found on Twitter to Graham’s bus tour.

Just as Graham predicted, the left would be calling for his tax-exempt status to be revoked. In other words, we need to do anything we can to shut down any conservative voice that might influence others.

“ernest lamonica” tweeted: This is purely political. Hypocritical Trump loving Franklin Graham on tour of CA to help GOP with Evangelical push. Purely political and he should have his tax Exemption revoked ASAP

This Twitter user is also demanding Graham’s church’s tax-exempt status be revoked:

Kenneth B Morris Jr, president of the Frederick Douglass Initiatives called Graham “as vile a hypocrite as ever lived.”

“Lee Edwards” calls Graham a “fraud” and says “He doesn’t care about religion”. He also calls Graham, who has spent most of his adult life preaching the word of God, a “grifter” just like President Trump. He also posted an image asking the question, ” When will the Christian Right do anything Christian? …or right?

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