In a call for help on the border crisis Democrat Mayor Yolanda Ramon and Republican Senator Ted Cruz have been vocal about the need for the federal government to provide assistance for dealing with the migrant influx and implement changes in border security. The concerned Texas Mayor said she has been asking for help for over a year. She is still waiting and wondering who will be helped first as the immigration crisis spreads to other states.

Senator Cruz took a group of senators to the border over the weekend and went on a midnight patrol with border patrol agents.
Cruz said young children are being raped by the cartels. Border officers are administering medical attention to these injured and broken children. The crime rates and drug use are horrific.


Mayor Ramon, from Eagle Pass, Texas, was asked why DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas would say the Southern border is secure?

 She responded that perhaps he was taking an “Out of sight” “Out of mind” approach,

“Well, that’s his opinion, but I wish he would come over here so that he can maybe change his mind. Maybe, like they say, out of sight, out of mind, maybe it’s about time that they come over here and they see what’s going on. Obviously, if you have the mayors from Washington and New York, now they understand what we’re going through because they’re seeing it themselves. So, we’re hoping that maybe the federal government up there in Washington is seeing what’s happening here.”

The border concerns are grave. Cruz alleges that the administration won’t go to the border because they do not want the media to show what is happening. Landowners on the border report finding dead bodies, rape trees, crime and drug abuse.

Cruz also said that Joe Biden & Kamala Harris’ handling of the border has produced  “the worst plague of slavery in America since the Civil War.”

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