Cameras on cops: great
Cameras in daycares: great
Cameras in dog boarding facilities: great
Cameras in the classroom: Insane! Invasion of privacy! Orwellian!

Doggie Day Care centers have cameras so customers can log on and check in on their pooches throughout the day. The nanny cam was literally invented so that parents could monitor the way their children were being treated by their caretakers. And yet American public schools, where children spend the majority of their time, have no cameras and no way for parents to know what their children are being taught, or more accurately, what they’re being indoctrinated into.

If it makes sense to know how your dog is being cared for, shouldn’t it be mandatory that the schools provide the same information to parents wanting to know what goes on in their kids’ classrooms?

Here’s a long over-due idea:

Perhaps if the concept of installing cameras in the classroom was adopted, teachers would be focused on what they were hired to do…you know, little things like teaching math, reading, science, and history. Crazy, eh? And scenes like the one below would be non-existant:

Check out this thread on Twitter. It’s scary to imagine what the poster meant when he said it was obvious what his chemistry teacher was up to:

If it wasn’t for children pulling out their smartphones (usually in defiance of school rules), videos like the one we reported on in June (below), would’ve never seen the light of day, and vile teachers spewing leftist hate would go unpunished.

Teacher Goes Off On Foul-Mouthed Rant Aimed At Student For Asking About Unicorn Cupcakes She Brought For “LGBTQ Month” [VIDEO]

It is long overdue that the American education system catches up with the times, and provides parents with the peace of mind enjoyed by dog owners for years now.

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