A group at Santa Clara University was attacked by a  foul-mouthed, cognitively defective, belligerently triggered commie who called them “f**king Trump supporters”. CampusReform reports on the lack of sanity coming from a brainwashed snowflake:

Via Campus Reform:

The school’s Turning Point USA chapter hosted the May 31 event to honor the victims of 20th century socialist and communist regimes by displaying 1,000 red flags on campus, each representing 94,360 lives.

That is a low-ball estimation of how many people were killed by their own communist governments during the 20th century.

Incensed by the display, an outraged individual approached the TPUSA students as they were tabling nearby, ripping up their anti-socialist posters and calling them “a bunch of f***ing Trump supporters,” club members told Campus Reform.

This provides only a glimpse of the intimidation directed at Trump supporters in the world of academia. So much for the free marketplace of ideas.


On September 27, 2017, an unhinged, liberal, Trump-hating student, who has now been identified as Edith Macias, was captured on what has now become a viral video. In the video, Macias can be seen ranting and screaming, during an unbelievable exchange that took place in a campus office building at the University of California, Riverside, only moments after she stole a hat off  the head of Matthew Vitale, a UC Riverside student who was walking on the campus, and minding his own business. 

The exchange between this Hispanic woman, (who we’re pretty sure is not a legal citizen, based on her comment to the victim, when she screamed, “F*ck your laws!” after he cited his right to free-speech) and the victim is stunning. Over and over again, this ill-informed and unbelievably angry student makes up her own facts with absolutely no basis whatsoever. Saying things like the signature Trump hat that reads “Make America Great Again” represents “the genocide of a bunch of people” and “America was never great” and of but of course, “You stole this land!” Just another ungrateful immigrant who is likely one of Obama’s “Dreamers.”

***WARNING*** The video below will make your blood boil.

According to Campus Reform, here’s how the unbelievable exchange went down:

A Trump-supporting student at the University of California, Riverside had his MAGA hat stolen by a peer who demanded that administrators refuse to allow him to continue to wear it.

A video of the incident obtained by Campus Reform shows an enraged female student taking the hat to the school’s Student Life Department as Matthew Vitale fruitlessly attempts to explain to the young woman that the hat is his property.

“I swear to God I could burn this sh*t. I swear to God I could burn this sh*t,” she continues as several staffers look on.

“Are you people not going to do anything? She is stealing my property,” Vitale pleads, though the altercation went on for several more minutes.

“We will need to return his property to him, but we can talk about…” one university employee begins to explain before being abruptly cut off by the student thief.

“How about we talk about not letting him wear this sh*t on campus?” the thief retorts, while Vitale later tells a growing presence of administrators that “the fact that you people haven’t gotten this back for me is sad and wrong.”

The altercation continued for several minutes until the hat was relinquished to an administrator who then returned it to Vitale, though not before his fellow student got in the last word.

“F*** your f***ing freedom of speech, boy. F***it. F*** it because your freedom of speech is literally killing a lot of people out there.

The unhinged liberal student, who clearly violated the law with her behavior, has now found herself in hot water with the law.

According to the College Fix: The UC Riverside student who stole Vitale’s Make America Great Again hat off his head and refused to give it back now faces steep legal consequences.

A criminal complaint provided to The College Fix by the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office states that Edith Macias has been charged with one misdemeanor count of grand theft for the September 27 incident.

The next court date on the matter is slated for March, and the maximum penalty Macias faces if convicted as currently charged is one year in county jail, a spokesman for the DA’s office told The Fix.

The charge was filed after UC Riverside student Matthew Vitale, the student who had his Make America Great Again hat stolen from off his head, decided to press criminal theft charges against Macias.

According to the declaration in support of an arrest warrant, Macias told the officer who responded to the incident that the reason she swiped the hat was because it represented “genocide of a bunch of people.”

“She stated she wanted to burn the hat because of what it represented,” it states.

In a statement to The College Fix on Monday, Vitale said he is gratified by the developments.

“I’m very pleased that the DA decided to charge her, especially because I am skeptical that UCR student conduct did anything. I will be following up with the student conduct office to determine if anything was done,” Vitale said.

“In the meantime, I can’t thank UCPD enough for actually taking this matter seriously. The detective and officers involved with this case were the epitome of professionalism,” he added. “If, as I suspect, UCR decided not to discipline her in some way this decision by the DA’s office shows two things: First, that UCR does not protect and shows no respect for speech that does not conform to their ideology. Second, that, in this case, UCR chose not to discipline a person who committed a crime on campus against another student.”

After Vitale had requested charges be brought against Macias, he explained his motives to The College Fix: “I do want to send a message. I am not vindictive, I am not vengeful, but people, especially in my generation, need to realize you can’t do things like this because you don’t like what someone is saying or wearing.”

Knock, knock.

Who’s there?


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