Quebec provincial police arrested a 37-year-old man who allegedly is connected to multiple forest fires.

Brian Paré faces two counts of arson for allegedly setting fire “to a fishing cabin on May 31 and to forests in the area between July 8 and Sept. 5,” CBC reports.

According to reports, the months-long fires to the forests occurred near Chibougamau, a town roughly 700 km north of Montreal.

The fires have reportedly devastated Quebec all summer.

CBC reports:

After investigating for several weeks, members of the SQ’s major crimes unit were able to nab the man.

If convicted, Paré faces a maximum sentence of 14 years in prison. He will remain in custody until his court date on Monday, Sept. 11, police said.

In early June, 7,500 residents of Chibougamau were temporarily forced from their homes because of fire and poor air quality.

The major crimes unit is trying to determine whether the alleged arsons are connected to the forced evacuations in June.

Chibougamau Mayor Manon Cyr says she was relieved when she learned of Paré’s arrest.

In an interview Friday, the mayor said the fires that Paré is accused of starting were unrelated to the two massive wildfires that forced the evacuation of the town in June.

“We’ll see what’s said in court on this,” Cyr said. “But the big fires that caused the evacuation were caused by lightning.”

However, Paré is accused of deliberately starting fires at a time when the government had temporarily banned open-air fires and forbade people from entering the forests.

Climate change activists have weaponized worldwide fires to justify the green energy agenda.

However, they’re tight-lipped when reports reveal arson sparked a blaze.

Perhaps it doesn’t fit their narrative of restricting carbon emissions to fight fictional climate change.

We’ve already seen cases of arson cause horrific fires in the United States, Greece, and Spain.

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Toronto Sun added commentary:

It’s an inconvenient truth that is not getting as much attention as plumes of smoke that filled the air and skylines of major cities like New York, Montreal and Toronto in June.

“We’re seeing more and more of these fires because of climate change,” Trudeau posted on June 7. “These fires are affecting everyday routines, lives and livelihoods, and our air quality. We’ll keep working – here at home and with partners around the world – to tackle climate change and address its impacts.”

But now Quebec police have charged a 37-year-old man with arson in connection with what the CBC reports as “numerous forest fires that burned earlier this summer in the province’s north.”

Brian Paré, of Chibougamau, 700 km north of Montreal, was booked in court Thursday and will be held until a bail hearing scheduled for Monday. It will be interesting to see if he has the same kind of difficultly gaining bail as Tamara Lich did for her alleged mischief connected to the Ottawa Freedom Convoy.

Undoubtedly, world leaders will continue using arson to push the climate change agenda.

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