Brian Paré, 38, pleaded guilty to over a dozen charges related to forest fires in Quebec last summer.

Paré told the Chibougamau courthouse he was guilty of 13 counts of arson and one count of arson with disregard for human life.

He plead guilty to starting 14 forest fires, including two fires that forced the evacuation of 500 homes in Chapais in June 2023.

According to The Counter Signal, the fires impacted air quality and temporarily displaced 7,500 residents.

Although the fires resulted from arson, ‘climate change’ received the blame last summer.

The Counter Signal reports:

Paré had made numerous posts on his Facebook page about the very forest fires he started, as first reported by the Globe and Mail. Paré stated that the fires that he set were intentionally started by the Canadian Government as some sort of climate change psy-op.

Last year, Trudeau’s former advisor and long time pal Gerald Butts blamed climate change for the forest fires that were started by arsonists across Canada.

Butts, along with several Liberal MPs, regularly connects the forest fires in Canada to man-made climate change.

One Twitter user asked Butts to comment on the fact that a man in Alberta was arrested last month for intentionally starting at least 10 fires around Cold Lake.

Butts responded by calling the user a “climate denier.”

“It is unclear if the court has already determined his punishment or will hold another hearing,” Daily Mail reports.

Per Daily Mail:

Prosecutor Marie-Philippe Charron told the court the damage the Paré’s actions had caused in the country and how police were able to arrest him.

She told the court that two of the 14 fires set by him had forced the evacuation of around 500 homes in Chapais in June 2023.

It has been reported at the time that around 80 forest fires were burning on June 1, including eight that were ‘out of control,’ according to SOPFEU, a fire prevention agency.


At a press briefing on the same day, Mayor Isabelle Lessard said the evacuation order is not being lifted ‘given that the fire is still uncontrolled and still threatening.’

The young mayor resigned from her position in November after ‘suffering the effects of burnout’ from handling the wildfires.

One of the largest fires ignited by Paré was in Lake Cavan and burned 873 hectares of forest, she further told the court.

‘On May 31 at 8.30pm, the town of Chapais issued a mandatory evacuation order due to the raging fires, in particular the fire at Lake Cavan as well as the airport fire, two fires that are included in the charges and were cause by the accused,’ Charron said.

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