Climate and COVID tyrant Justin Trudeau has been spotted maskless disembarking from a private jet for his family’s vacation

Canada’s Liberal Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, flaunts his hypocrisy as he is filmed getting off of a private jet without a mask to go on vacation with his family in Costa Rica.

Canadian Prime Minister and fiercely draconian COVID-19 enforcer Justin Trudeau

Trudeau is one of the world’s loudest climate warriors and also oversaw some of the harshest COVID-19 restrictions and most tyrannical mandates in the western hemisphere. But despite that, here he is burning up massive amounts of fuel in a private jet while he potentially spreads COVID-19 among everyone on board.

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Those who refused to comply with Canada’s draconian COVID-19 laws or who dared to protest them, such as the Canadian Freedom Convoy truckers and advocates, were arrested en masse, had their pets confiscated and put down, and were even trampled by horses as if in some bizarre medieval fantasy land. However, Justin Trudeau is above the law.

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Make no mistake; this is neither about going maskless–as everyone should have the right to do–nor about preserving the environment. It is about hypocrisy and a “rules for thee, not for me” mentality, which spreads among liberals and leftists around the world much more dangerously than COVID-19.

National mask mandates in Canada have only very recently gone out of effect, and some provinces have continued them independently or are considering doing so. COVID-19 mandates were a point of fierce contention within Canada, but one which Trudeau himself actively pushed for hard.

Meanwhile, Trudeau’s Canada also pushes globally for climate regulations and cutbacks which mostly hurt energy workers and working-class individuals who rely on vehicles. At the same time, he himself jets around in the most wasteful mode of transportation possible.

Radical leftists like Trudeau never seem to feel the need to follow their own rules, whether in the United States, Germany, or Canada. This further shows that it isn’t about health, safety, or the environment–for Trudeau, it’s about control.

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