Tim Stephens, the Canadian pastor arrested in Calgary, Alberta, story here was finally let out of jail this past Thursday. His unspeakable crime was daring to hold outdoor church services in Alberta in defiance of pandemic health protocols. Alberta was allegedly the only jurisdiction that was still enforcing the draconian measures at the time.

Having been spotted by a police helicopter hovering above Pastor Stephen’s outdoor church service, the pastor was taken into custody at his home. In June we reported,

This week, it was Pastor Tim Stephens of Fairview Baptist Church in Alberta Canada. He was taken into custody at his home in front of his crying children, for the egregious crime of holding a church service that was spotted from above.

Here’s a tweet showing the despicable arrest back in June:

Although he was arrested for holding outdoor service, that didn’t stop authorities from chaining the doors shut to his brick and mortor church. Faithwire reports, “Police arrested Stephens on June 14 for not enforcing pandemic health protocols at an outdoor worship service. Authorities had changed the locks at his church earlier in June. He must return to court on July 14 for a hearing on his alleged health order violations.”

In a Thursday press release, the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms confirmed Fairview Baptist Church and Grace Life Church near Edmonton were “unchained and released from government seizure.”

Pastor Stephens was initially slated to be held until July 12th, a full month after his incarceration date. (That’s a full month longer than rioting leftist thugs in America serve for terrorizing communities, assaulting people, and destroying entire city blocks!)

Speaking to Rebel News, the gracious pastor had this to say upon his release, “Today is a very thankful day, I’m thankful that the restrictions are done and rescinded, including the court orders that go along with that.”

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