“More to come… Pray brothers and sisters. Stand firm, keep the faith.”

When the pandemic hit and Western governments began imposing mandates for gatherings, and specifically religious ones, people naturally became alarmed, concerned about the loss of freedom and knowing it was a slippery slope. Once temporary restrictions are imposed they are difficult to roll back, and people are right to fear their government’s over-reach.

Now, almost a year and a half later, and halfway down that slippery slope, there doesn’t seem to be any breaks on the totalitarian mandates. Pastors are being arrested in front of their kids after their “underground” churches are being discovered by tax-payer purchased police helicopters.

This week, it was Pastor Tim Stephens of Fairview Baptist Church in Alberta Canada. He was taken into custody at his home in front of his crying children, for the egregious crime of holding a church service that was spotted from above.

Before his arrest, Pastor Stephens tweeted:

According to the conservative Canadian website, Rebel News:

It is unclear if the helicopters were searching for unauthorized church services or just happened to notice the gathering. The outlet said that while police vehicles were later seen circling the service, which included group worship and a sermon from Pastor Stephens, they did not move in and attempt to stop the gathering.

Rebel News notes that:

The weekend before Pastor Stephens’s arrest, the church was effectively seized by Alberta Health Services for failing to adhere to local regulations regarding attendance, social distancing, and masks.

Jay Cameron, a lawyer for the firm representing Mr.Stephens blamed Jason Kenney, premier of Alberta, for the arrest. Speaking to the Calgary Herald, Mr. Cameron said, “It appears that Premier Kenney’s government is targeting its enemies, those who are speaking out against lockdown restrictions and for Charter freedoms.” Adding, “Locking out Fairview Baptist congregants and arresting Pastor Tim Stephens has everything to do with punishing dissent, and nothing to do with public safety.”

This is the stuff of tyranny and totalitarianism, and we’ve seen it (and reported on it) before:

Heavily Armed SWAT Team Wrestles Christian Pastor To Ground On Way Home From Church For “Inciting” People To Go To Church During COVID

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