Candace Owens appeared on Fox News Varney and Co. show yesterday, to discuss her visit to the White House, where she met with Jared Kushner to discuss prison reform.

After her visit with Jared Kushner, Owens tweeted her support for Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump in regards to their work on prison reform:

After Candace Owens tweeted about her meeting at the White House, President Trump tweeted a picture of himself with Kim Kardashian, a reality TV star, and wife of Trump supporter Kanye West, as they spoke about “prison reform and sentencing”.

Watch Kim Kardashian explain why she’s fighting for prison reform, and why she’s fighting for the release of 63-year old Alice Marie Johnson, a mother of five, and a grandmother, who’s serving a life sentence in prison with no chance of parole, on a non-violent drug conspiracy charge. She was a first time offender.

Four hours later, never-Trumper Ben Shapiro, who is also the editor-in-chief of the Daily Wire, criticized President Trump for meeting with Kim Kardashian to discuss prison reform.

Never-Trumper, Ben Shapiro tweeted: Celebrity worship is stupid, whether it’s being done by Obama or Trump

Owens responded to the never-Trumper, Ben Shapiro by explaining that Kim Kardashian, who also visited the White House to discuss prison reform with President Trump, was there to discuss a pardon for a black woman for whom she has worked “tirelessly” for, as she advocates for her release from prison.

Owens tweeted: Kim has been working tirelessly to get a black woman pardoned from prison. He is not “worshipping” a celebrity, he is working with an American who is dedicated to prison reform in the black community.

Her explanation for why Kim Kardashian visited the White House didn’t satisfy the never-Trumper. Ben Shapiro, tweeted back, using a comparison to how he treated Obama to mask his criticism for Donald Trump. Shapiro attempted to embarrass her for supporting President Trump’s trivial meeting with “celebrity” Kim Kardashian, explaining to her that he has certain standards that must be met by “experts” on topics who visit the White House: Candace, I ripped Obama consistently for using celebrities as “experts” on topics various and sundry. The standard doesn’t change because the president is Trump.

Owens continued to take the high-road with the condescending Ben Shapiro. She responded by telling him, No one said was an expert. She did spend a ton of her own money to hire a legal team that has been working the Alice Marie Johnson case for years. Just bc someone is a celebrity does not mean they are not fighting for a just cause. She deserves to be heard.

Owens continued with her explanation: What is working on is undeniably admirable. She’s not fighting for climate change, she’s fighting for a grandmother who is spending life-in-prison for a vastly unjust, over-sentencing. is there something more noble she should be doing w/ her platform?

Owens tweeted again to Shapiro, telling him “It’s okay to be wrong sometimes, Ben. Really”:

Kim Kardashian wasn’t offering a baseless opinion on stage at the Emmy’s. She is, and has been doing something actionable about an issue that she cares deeply about. It’s okay to be wrong sometimes, Ben. Really. Nothing bad happens when you don’t know everything.

Shapiro finally shows his true colors, but not before he back-peddles on his arrogant remark about who is, and isn’t fit to meet with the President. Shapiro makes clear to Owens that he’s (not shockingly) criticizing President Trump for having a photo taken with Kim Kardashian:  I’m not questioning her motivations. I’m questioning the President of the United States doing photo ops with her. This isn’t particularly complicated.

Shapiro finally crossed a line with his condescending tweet to Owens, and Owens let Shapiro have it!

1) Don’t talk down to me. Ever again.

2) This was not a photo-op. The POTUS takes a pic w/ every person that he meets with in the Oval Office.

3)You have a way of complicating everything in an effort to be right about things that simply don’t matter.

4) It’s getting old.

Mic drop…

Shapiro was mercilessly attacked for his arrogance for hours on Candace Owens’ Twitter feed.

You can’t say he didn’t ask for it…

Afterward, Shapiro attempted to shame Owens, for making a Prager U video, where she told celebrities that we don’t care what they think.

Agree to disagree. I appreciate the work you’re doing out there. I just happen to agree with your earlier take on this issue.

In the video, Owens was responding to liberals in Hollywood who obsessively trash our President because they’re political views don’t align with theirs. Newsflash, Ben…Kim Kardashian isn’t criticizing anyone for their politics, she’s simply trying to help a 63-year-old woman spend the rest of her life outside of a prison cell, after receiving what many believe was a grossly unfair life sentence. Perhaps Ben should’ve watched the video before he attempted to use it against the brilliant conservative activist, Candace Owens.

Thank you for your response to Ben Shapiro over his criticism of Candace Owens support for Trump’s meeting with Kim Kardashian, Daniel Bostic…you are spot on!

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