While former FBI Director James Comey tries to gaslight ahead of the Inspector General’s report, more information is coming out about what the top level FBI dirty cops did to enable spying on the Trump campaign.

Comey just gave an interview on CNN that was damage control for when Inspector Horowitz blows his lies apart with his report. While Comey is flailing around trying to distract and deny, Catherine Herridge is digging in, to tell the truth like she always does.

Watch below as Herridge says the FISA Court was NOT “explicitly told” about the DNC, Clinton Connection to the dirty Trump Dossier:

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Sidney Powell is always fantastic with her facts and overview of what went on with the spying:

@SidneyPowell1 says remember Carter Page wasn’t even on the Trump campaign when the FBI got the FISA warrant.

. @SaraCarterDC Remember James Baker is under investigation for leaks. We have several high-level senior officials under investigation. What you’re now seeing is just the tip of the iceberg. Remember the iceberg is much bigger under the water.

These three women are incredible! Catherine Herridge, Sara Carter, and Sidney Powell are quite a team of truthtellers!

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